About Inez Dunst, co-owner and public relations director

Inez DunstInez Dunst first became acquainted with Tina K and Belle Visage over ten years ago when she brought her actress daughter, Kirsten Dunst, for regular facials when Kirsten endured hours in the makeup chair while shooting Interview With a Vampire. Both she and Kirsten remained clients of Tina´s for many years, even as they traveled the world shooting. It was during those travels that Inez began researching and experiencing the most advanced treatments in the international skin care industry and the seeds of a partnership with Tina were planted.

Once Inez´s commitment to shepherding her daughter

Kirsten through the perils of Hollywood concluded, she was ready to embark on a new venture and joined Tina as co-owner of one of the busiest, most exclusive spas in Los Angeles.

Blending her experience working in the entertainment industry, a degree in fine arts from Carnegie Mellon and a sincere desire to help people, Inez joined Belle Visage as Public Relations Director and also works in product development. “Public Relations was a natural fit for me because I´m an organic networker,” explains Inez. “If I love something, I´ll tell strangers on the street and feel good about it because I know I´m helping people.”