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Skin Tag and Broken Capillary Removal at Belle Visage!

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Monday, July 26th, 2010
Skin tag removal

Skin tag removal

Hello again:) This subject isn’t a sexy one but here it goes.

Have you ever wondered what to do about that embarrassing wart? Most people don’t talk about it but warts on fingers, knees and the face are very common. We can remove it by using  the Lamprobe treatment. The great thing about this little gadget is that it’s instant gratification for most. Lamprobe uses heat to burn away unwanted growths  and Cryoprobe freezes them. I recommend this for all skin types. Whether you’re sensitive or not , you will  still get great results.  Not all warts, skin tags or broken capillaries are created equal so you may have to pop over a second time after the skin has healed. The technician first does a skin analysis but you can also have your treatment immediately after. Give yourself a total of 30 min at Belle Visage and you’ll be at the front desk ready to go home.

Lamprobe is $ 100 for a few little spots or $170 for a full treatment. Most women have skin tags or little blood spots on their tummy or under the brassiere line. This is the perfect treatment for it.

Cryoprobe is $175 for the treatment. Doesn’t matter how small or large the area is. They’re both fast and safe. Please make sure to give it between 5-10 days to fully heal. The area may become a bit darker and will then flake off on its own.

If you’d like to have the area numbed before hand, please come in 30 min prior to your appointment. I don’t think it’s necessary , but I’m a tough girl!