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Couples massage treatments in Studio City!

With all of the options today, we find that bringing back clean massage rooms and couples massage rooms are in demand. I went to a Thai massage place a week ago to see what the hype was. The lady was very sweet but they placed me on a dirty thin mattress that smelled like rancid oil. I can understand that people are looking to save money nowadays but at a certain point my inner hypochondriac kicks in.

I then realized my neck was stiff… turned to the side since I was laying on the floor. Try turning your neck to the side when it cramps…just to turn it yet again!

All of the sudden I had a thought…. to bring Massage back!

Our rooms are beautiful with top of the line Earthlite tables. As of November 15th, our Private Showers will be going back into Belle Visage. Does that make you happy? you should see the smile on my face while I’m typing:)

Here’s my analogy. You can pay 12 -15 dollars to get a quick manicure or another 5 dollars to get a relaxing 1 hour manicure at Belle Visage day spa. It’s all about what we need. Time isn’t always on our side and we need to jump in and out of treatments, yet other times we need to stop and smell the roses. Same goes for our massage and facial treatments. Quality is of importance to our staff and customer service is always on top of the list.

Deep tissue massage.   Hot Stone  massage.  Pregnancy  massage. Couples massage. Sports massage. Swedish massage

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